Green Screen Treadmill Rental

People misconstrue the green studio project as problematic because they believe that it is difficult to remove the green background for a virtual replacement. We have unparalleled experience regarding the green screen project and set up spots to ease the post-production edits.

What do you get from the VFX treadmill green screen rental?

Few things are more difficult to edit than walking or running in a studio. Luckily, studios solve the problem using a treadmill to imitate a run or walk with natural speed and body movement. Simultaneously, the green screen allows you to insert the necessary background to superimpose your scene.

We use the standard green screen set up at Contra Studios and include a treadmill for your walking or running shots. Consequently, the screen will have the right lighting and technicians to make adjustments throughout the process. The green screen treadmill can have lights to ensure optimal production with minimal editing requirements.

How we make the green screen treadmill hire success

Shoot setting

The staged treadmill motion will be evident if we do not adjust a couple of factors to make the movement and environment natural. The good news is that the camera and lighting settings are adjustable to duplicate and replicate the time and shots of complex effects in a studio setting.


The green screen production will only come to life when the presets are quick to edit for fantastic results; hence our studio has enough equipment with a myriad of lighting options to match the natural environment’s mood.  The cameras and software allow you to see the shots as they happen, for real-time adjustments that blend with the actor and scene.

Our team will work with you to imitate the changing lighting scene in a natural environment and may use reflectors to mimic real-life reflections as they pass a mirror or water catchment. Another realistic situation is the person’s body will be dappled as they walk through trees. We use our experience and skills to create a scene that works in tandem together for the most natural shots.

The green screen treadmill rental works best in a soundproof studio and is typical for commercials, music videos, training sessions, and films. The good news is you cannot max out the creative possibility with a green screen treadmill.


As stated above, you will significantly benefit from a studio expert who can hear your thoughts about the shot’s potential. Keep in mind that the choice of software will affect post-production results. We make the rent a green screen treadmill process easy by using kits like cameras, moco-rigs, autocues, and the live keyer.

Why choose our treadmill options?

Our treadmill attracts many clients because it is simple to operate and has robust and practical functionality. We make it blend with the green screen by keeping it covered with a matching color.

Please note that each of our treadmill options has different technological advantages. All our products are generic and guarantee top quality for all kinds of shots. Check out our site for detailed explanations of all other technical benefits, and call 646.926.7819 for the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC or prop hire and deliver.