Live Streaming Studio Rentals

Live Streaming has become an essential, cost effective tool for brands to reach and interact with an audience.  Broadcasting live is to bring a human element to your message that can’t be replicated by traditionally produced videos. Now more then ever, this may be the best means to get your message to your fans, an audience that may not always be able to attend a live engagement. 

Our Live Streaming Studio Helps You Reach Your Audience

With studios located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we provide a turnkey on-sight solution for Live Streaming your event from either our location or yours. Our experienced staff of producers and directors will take the work off your shoulders to let you on focus on what’s most important. Our services range from a one camera simple setup, to a multi-camera production with a professional, edited recording and on-demand viewing. Our live streaming studio rentals are exactly what you need for your production. 

3 Camera Live Stream Pro Package

  • Four Person Crew

  • Three Sony PMW 350 Cameras

  • 3 Professional Camera Monitors

  • 3 Professional Tripods

  • 2 Mevo Wireless Remote Cameras

  • Camera Operator/PM

  • Camera Operator/DP

  • Gaffer/Sound Recordist

  • Small Lighting Package

  • 3 Wireless Mics

  • 16 Channel Mixing Board

  • Professional 10 Camera Flypack

    • Graphics

    • 2 Internal DVRs

    • Video Mixer

    • Audio Mixer

    • Lower Thirds

    • Compositing

    • Titles & End Crawl

    • Split Screen (Side by Side)

    • Presenter – PowerPoint

    • Video Out To iMag

  • 2 Flypack Monitors

  • ClearCom base and 4 remote units

  • Van & Parking

Basic Live Stream Package

  • Two Person Crew

  • 1 Camera Operator

  • 1 Sony HD Camera, Tripod, Media

  • 2 Mevo LiveStream Wireless Cameras

  • Cables, Monitors

  • TD/Streaming Tech

  • Professional Mini Flypack

    • Video Mixer

    • Graphics

    • Audio Mixer

    • 2 Internal Digital Recorders

    • Lower Thirds

    • External Blackmagic Digital Recorder

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