Snapping outdoor photos on your phone is a great way to capture candid moments and spontaneous, impromptu shots. This type of self-photography is super fun and is perfect for social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or just to share between friends.

As awesome as selfies and other kinds of outdoor photography can be, there are times when you need a more controlled setting to get the perfect shot; that’s exactly what you get with a professional photo studio, like Contra Studios, the best photo studios in Manhattan!

Working with a professional studio offers many benefits that you just can’t get anywhere else, from vogue-quality photoshoots to top-notch live streaming and everything in between. 

In this article, we’ll explain the different types of services available with a professional photo studio, along with the benefits you’ll enjoy when working with a world-class NYC photo studio, like Contra. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today!

NYC Photo Studio For Rent

The world’s most celebrated photographers always rely on using the very best photo studios because they know that if they want the best results, they need to use the best equipment and work alongside the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. 

The truth is that you can do the exact same thing and achieve similar results for yourself, without the need to spend thousands of dollars on film school and thousands more on equipment. The secret is to let the pros take care of everything for you, from the equipment to the lighting, so that the conditions will be just right for your photoshoot every single time. 

This is what the top NYC Photo Studio to rent, Contra Studios, strives for every time. We are passionate about Photography, Video, Fashion, and really anything media related.

To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today!

Love Contra. I shot a lookbook here yesterday. Gear was included, which is a huge plus. Versatile space- we used one of the large 3000 sq ft studios but they also have a few different cycwall options which I’m interested in. Polite, professional team. This is my new go-to
— Ashley Jones

By far the best studio in New York. Amazing staff. Great gear and 2 cyc walls!
— Sivan Miller

Excellent space for casting and shooting! Skilled and accommodating staff willing to assist and resolve any needs or situation that can arise. Very connected with access to talent, the latest equipment and top notch post production. All around a cool space with a great vibe and energy!
— Carlos Paz

Go with Contra and you won’t be disappointed. By far the best space and people to work with in the area. Highly recommend.
— Robert Rippberger

Contra Studios is a great space for events and production. The cyc wall is great for green screen and traditional uses. Helpful staff that can get you equipment needed for your projects. All around good experience
— Moises De Pena

Here are the top 10 benefits of booking your photoshoot at Contra Studios

1. You have complete control of the elements.

In a professional NYC photo studio, you can expect the best-of-the-best. To get the perfect photo, you need to have total control over every aspect of the shoot. At Contra, you’ll be able to control everything so that you can get the perfect shot every time, and you’ll never have to worry about poor weather conditions ruining the moment again.

2. Your photos will look super professional.

The world’s best photographers come from far and wide to visit Contra and take advantage of the high-quality controlled conditions that only a New York photo studio can provide. When you do your photoshoot at a premiere NYC photo studio, such as Contra, you can trust that your photos will come out looking their very best and most professional. 

3. The lighting will be just the way you want it.

The lighting conditions can make or break a photo session. One of the biggest differences between a professional photo and an amateur photo is that the professional photo has the right lighting. In contrast, the amateur photo is poorly lit or overly saturated. At Contra NYC Photo Studio, you will be able to set the lights and scenery exactly the way that you want them so that nothing is left to chance, and you can truly express your vision in the exact way that you want to. 

4. You will have access to the best equipment.

The studio equipment you use can make all the difference when it comes to photography. At Contra, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest equipment, and much of it is included at no extra charge. From strobe lights and modifiers to video lights, cameras, audio, and grip equipment, everything you would want from a top-tier NYC photo studio is available at Contra. 

5. You will be able to use the latest technology.

Photo, video, and streaming sessions at Contra come with the additional benefit of having access to the latest technologies. Contra can help with pre and post-production as well as with the actual session so that the end result is always the very best it can possibly be. For tailored services, be sure to contact the NYC Photo studio and ask for more details; someone will be more than happy to help you.  

6. The background will be stunning.

The background is one of the most important elements of any photo. Often, the background scenery is an integral part of your photo’s visual narrative, so having a luxurious backdrop is sure to take your photos from good to great. At Contra, there are multiple studios, and each is uniquely magnificent. Whether you’re looking for a corporate photoshoot or a glamourous modeling shoot, Contra has a background that will suit your needs.

7. You will be able to save a lot of time

Contra is a world-renowned NYC photo studio and, as such, has everything that you’ll want or need for your photo session. Because everything is there in one place, you’ll be able to save a ton of time. You won’t have to run around looking for and setting up equipment, and you won’t need to buy anything that you might be missing. This can mean the difference between a great two-hour session and an all-day fiasco. This leads to the next point. 

8. The value for money is really good.

When you consider everything that you get with an NYC photo studio like Contra, the price tag for your dream photoshoot can be a tremendous bargain. You might be surprised by how affordable a world-class studio-like Contra can be, especially when you consider everything that’s included, such as all of the lighting, equipment, and of course, the exquisite studio and background elements. 

9. Security will ensure there are no disruptions.

Contra’s studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn both have completely controlled access so that you never need to worry about any unauthorized individuals disrupting your session. Suppose there should be any sort of incident. In that case, onsite staff will be able to rapidly resolve the situation so that you can enjoy every second in the studio and focus on doing what you do best which is taking stunning photos. 

10. Your photos will withstand the test of time.

Last but not least, photos taken at a top NYC photo studio will be of the highest quality, meaning that your photos will look professional and timeless. Future generations looking at the photos will be just as impressed as those who see them on day one, and so you’ll be making an excellent impression on people not just today but for many years to come. 

nyc photo studio for rent

Live Streaming At Our NYC Photo Studio

Live streaming is quickly becoming one of the leading forms of online content. More people than ever before are starting to leverage the power of live streaming to reach their audiences, promote their brands and earn a really good living. 

Like with indoor photography, live streaming from a professional studio offers a number of fantastic benefits that you simply don’t get with home streaming setups and our nyc photo studio is perfect for live streaming as well.

Here are the top 10 benefits of live streaming @ Contra Studios

1. You will have an ultra-high-quality stream.

Live streaming sessions at Contra’s NYC Photo Studio are among the highest-quality streams in the world. Each streaming package includes HD cameras, as well as wireless cameras, the best lighting and equipment available on the market, and a crew of top industry professionals to make sure that your stream is flawless from start to finish.  

2. You will be able to reach a wider audience.

By having an Ultra HD stream, epic background, and perfect lighting, you will attract more viewers to your stream. Being able to draw in viewers requires the perfect combination of content, character, and technical equipment. The content and personality are where you shine, but the technical side of things is where Contra works its magic. An increase in viewership when streaming at Contra’s NYC Photo Studio is very likely. 

3. You will be able to re-purpose your content.

By having access to the latest and greatest equipment and technology, you will end up with super high-quality footage that can be re-purposed and used as either exclusive content through a membership or for YouTube or anything else you can think of really. This means that you will be able to monetize your content well after your live stream has finished, resulting in more value for your subscribers and more money for you. 

4. You will able to track your analytics in real-time.

With a team in place throughout your stream, you will be able to monitor your stream’s performance in real-time. This means that you’ll be able to make adjustments and optimizations on the fly, resulting in higher viewership and increased revenue. Having professional support on hand ensures that your stream will be the very best it can be, and you can focus on being you, which is, after all, what your fans are tuning in to see. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today!

5. You will not need to worry about any distractions.

Contra is a private, completely controlled environment and so you won’t need to worry about any undesirables interrupting your show. Security and staff are on-hand to ensure that things go off without a hitch so that you can achieve exactly what you want with your stream without worrying or stressing about outside influences disrupting your stream. 

6. You will have backup copies of your stream.

When streaming at home, any number of things can go wrong, resulting in you losing the footage of your stream. Most streamers recycle their footage into other forms of content, and so a computer getting damaged or a device being lost can result in a significant loss of income. Fortunately, at Contra, that isn’t even an issue. Because all of the equipment is included, you won’t need to worry about any hardware issues, and there will always be a copy of your stream available should you ever need it. 

7. You will have super high-speed internet access.

It goes without saying that you need to have reliable, high-speed internet to be competitive in the streaming space. One of the biggest hindrances to success with live streaming is poor internet. To deliver the most high-definition stream, you need internet that’s fast and secure. When you stream from a top NYC photo studio like Contra, you will always have a lightning-fast, secure connection, enabling 4K streams to look their very best every time.  

8. You will have professional background scenery.

Your background scenery when streaming makes a world of difference. If you are streaming from your bedroom, then you look just like everyone else. Sure, your personality is unique and awesome, but the viewer who’s never seen you before doesn’t know that. To them, you just look like another person streaming from their bedroom. Streaming from a world-class studio-like Contra makes an immediate impression, capturing the attention of viewers and drawing them in. 

9. You will have support from top industry professionals.

The technical team at Contra is second to none. Having amazing tech staff and customer service support makes a massive difference, and just knowing that support is available can make a big difference in terms of your confidence and peace of mind. If there’s a problem with your stream at home and you don’t know how to fix it, that could spell disaster for your stream and also your wallet, at least for the time being. At Contra, your stream will always be its best, and if something does go wrong, you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running again right away. 

10. You will be able to generate more income.  

All of the benefits to streaming from a New York photo studio, like Contra, are likely to result in increased viewership and more revenue for you. Not only will people be more likely to tip and subscribe, but you’ll also make a lasting impact on your viewership which will help promote your brand, build trust, establish expertise, and generate more money than you would if you were just streaming at home. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today! 

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Event Hosting At our NYC Photo Studio

Hosting an event at an NYC photo studio is about as glitzy and glamorous as it gets. That said, hosting an event at a New York photo studio like Contra is also an excellent choice for corporate gatherings and other similar business purposes. 

In addition to making a truly unforgettable impression on your guests, colleagues, and peers, you’ll also enjoy some other excellent benefits that you may not have considered. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today!

Here are the top 10 reasons to host your next event @ Contra Studios:

1. The atmosphere will be spectacular.

If you want your next event to be on another level, then hosting it at an NYC photo studio is the way to go. Not only will your guests be impressed by the stunning location, venue, and service, but you’ll also have all of the equipment and support needed to make sure your event is a success. Whether for a business conference, fashion show, or an art gallery exhibit, Contra can accommodate any type of upscale New York soiree you can imagine. 

2. The event will be unforgettable.

Just walking into a premiere NYC photo studio is memorable. But when you are invited to attend an event at a studio like Contra, well, let’s just say it’s not something you’ll ever forget. From the floors to the ceilings to the furnishings and finishes, Contra screams high-end from the second you walk through the door until the next time you visit. Future hosts will be hard-pressed to top your big night, and people will surely be talking about you long after the event is over. 

3. Caterers can be accommodated. 

There is kitchen equipment and refrigeration space available for caterers when booking your event, which means that you won’t need to worry about food getting cold, spoiling, or being served late. Your dinner service will be just what you want it to be without any unexpected disappointments or complications arising. If you prefer Contra to manage the catering for you, then you’re in luck; the in-house catering service is provided by Smartwatch, the brainchild of world-renowned chef Michael Guerrieri. Ask our NYC photo studio team for more details; you’ll like what you hear. 

4. You’ll be able to live stream the event.

If you want to live stream your next event to an audience at home or elsewhere, then you’re in luck. Contra just so happens to offer some of the best live streaming services in the industry. A live stream might just be the very best way to expand your influence, reach new markets, and diversify your viewership. Not to mention that by live streaming your event, you may earn revenue, which can offset some or all of the costs for the event. Many people even turn a profit on their event just by live-streaming it. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today!

5. There will be onsite hair make-up stations.

Everyone always wants to look their best, especially when attending a high-end event at a luxury NYC photo studio, like Contra. The good news is that when you host your event at Contra Studios, there will be hair make-up stations onsite, meaning that your guests will be able to be confident knowing that they look their very best, and it’s a nice added touch that they’ll be sure to appreciate and remember for a long time. 

6. You can host up to 950 people per event.

Contra has options to accommodate all types of events. From small business gatherings to large-scale extravagant dinner parties, with space for up to 950 people at a time, Contra will be able to look after each of your guests while providing exceptional service the entire time. With main rooms and smaller break-off spaces, guests will be able to mix, mingle and soak in the atmosphere without ever feeling crowded or claustrophobic. 

7. Everything you need is available.

Seating, TVs, projectors, video equipment, lighting, audio, you name it. Whatever you need to make sure that your event is exactly the way you want it is available at Contra Studios. In fact, almost all of the essentials for an event or conference are included in the price, which means that booking with Contra can be extraordinarily cost-effective, which helps generate a positive ROI for your event. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today!

8. Seating won’t be an issue.

When you book your live event at Contra, seating is included for the first 80 guests. That’s a big deal. Other studios often charge per seat, which can add up quickly. For those planning larger events, Contra can definitely still accommodate you; just contact the studio and inquire about the details so that the studio’s industry-leading customer service staff can tailor a plan just for you. 

9. You’ll have security at the event.

One of the biggest concerns when planning any live event is security. A disruptive person or an altercation can subtract from the event and be detrimental to everyone’s good time. The good news is that at Contra, your entire event will be secure. With onsite staff and controlled access to the studio, you’ll be able to ensure that your event stays on schedule and goes according to plan. 

10. You’ll make the best possible impression.

No visit to a New York photo studio is forgettable, but attending an event at a venue like Contra will make an otherwise good impression a great one. There really is no substitute for a genuine, world-class New York photo studio, and your guests will surely have the best impression of you after attending your event at Contra. 

New York is a city that’s renowned for having the very best photo studios in the world. This year the best-of-the-best is Contra Studios. Whether you’re looking to book a studio for a professional, world-class photoshoot, to broadcast a next-level live stream, or to host the most memorable live event of the year, Contra Studios can help make your vision a reality. To rent a NYC photo studio for your live stream services, contact us today! Also be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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