Your movie, ad, or TV productions can happen either in a real-life location or on our amazing NYC soundstage studio.

While location shooting does have its advantages, shooting your production in an NYC studio makes the most sense. It’s safer, more convenient, and affordable in the long run.

Soundstage shooting provides better logistics, scheduling, and budgeting and offers a generous space for filmmakers to utilize however they want. It’s a large, hangar-like structure or room, and you have all the opportunity in the world to bring it to life with your imagination.

Use soundstages for TV productions or theatrical filmmaking; the sky’s the limit!

Here are the top 5 reasons why filmmakers are better off renting these studios when planning their production:

Our NYC Soundstage has a controlled environment

Weather conditions, lighting, crowds, and commute – these are just some of the things that can go wrong in an outdoor shoot.

Production often stops in case of a storm or rainfall, while the unpredictable traffic and other sounds make it impossible to get a good shot.  After all, there isn’t much anyone can do about a dog barking on a nearby property.

A soundstage shooting, on the other hand, has no such problems. The environment within the studio can be controlled down to the last light bulb. Whether you want to introduce certain sounds, change the temperature or create artificial weather conditions, the right studio space lets you do it all.

Love Contra. I shot a lookbook here yesterday. Gear was included, which is a huge plus. Versatile space- we used one of the large 3000 sq ft studios but they also have a few different cycwall options which I’m interested in. Polite, professional team. This is my new go-to
Ashley Jones
By far the best studio in new york. amazing staff. great gear and 3 cycwalls.!
Sivan Miller
Excellent space for casting and shooting! Skilled and accommodating staff willing to assist and resolve any needs or situation that can arise. Very connected with access to talent, the latest equipment and top notch post production. All around a cool space with a great vibe and energy!
Carlos Paz
Go with Contra and you won’t be disappointed. By far the best space and people to work with in the area. Highly recommend.
Robert Rippberger
Contra Studios is a great space for events and production. The cyc wall is great for green screen and traditional uses. Helpful staff that can get you equiptment needed for your projects. All around good experiance
Moises De Pena

With our NYC Soundstage you have access to equipment

A studio provides you with lighting grids, rigging grids, and even cycloramas to ensure that your shoot gets off to a great start. They also make it easy to load and unload equipment, so you won’t have to hire extra help.

Additionally, our NYC soundstage is usually empty and spacious, offering enough space for rehearsals as well as storing all your tech and equipment.

With our Soundstage you have no need for a location permit

Finding a suitable location for your shoot with no specific restrictions or regulations to follow can be challenging to find. For example, suppose your shoot requires a professional office setting. In that case, the space owner must first sign a contract to give permission. This can significantly bind a production if any of the regulations discussed in the contract are not followed.

Another issue during location shooting is to make sure that the location does not interfere with any government regulations. On the contrary, filmmakers shooting in an NYC soundstage will not have to face any such problems as all regulations are already in place at the launch of the studio.

nyc soundstage mid

With our NYC Soundstage you have controlled lighting

Different intensities of light are needed for different productions. When shooting at a real location, filmmakers have to be wary of whether they should shoot at dawn, noon, or dusk utilizing maximum light.

As such, production schedules are often restricted to natural lighting. However, shooting at a soundstage does not require any compliance with lighting technicalities.

If you already have a pre-lit soundstage, then you’ll save even more time as you wouldn’t have to go through the effort of setting up your own lights.

The Final Verdict!

The production department leads the whole show. They have to answer many questions when setting up a shoot: When’s the equipment coming? Where will we put the actors who aren’t in the shot? Is there internet? Where’s the parking? Who’s putting up the dressing rooms?

You no longer need to worry about finding the answers if you’re working with a reliable NYC soundstage studio.

At Contra Studio, we provide a world-class space designed to help your stars and staff perform with ease and elegance. That’s what makes us one of the most trusted NYC soundstage rentals.

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