Rent a unique, clean, and spacious soundstage in NYC with Contra Studios. This gives your production a professional and personalized edge while our experienced, friendly staff, turn your theatre rehearsals into a fun experience!
Whether it is a commercial photo shoot or a practice session, the right NYC photo studio can make it a great experience. Contra Studio offers you a cost-effective space and a plan for following your photography dreams!
Green Screen Studio NYC Rentals Available! Green studio shoots are extremely easy when you understand the basics. You do not need a lot to get started if you know the dynamics of a New York green screen studio. Why green? […]
Choosing the right NYC Cycwall Studio that meet your need with all the amenities you required can be challenging. Here is where Contra Studios got you covered. As one of the best studios with cyc wall and equipment in New […]
You can use Cyclorama studios for different purposes. The studio is versatile and flexible due to lighting that can be evenly dispersed and reflected from all angles. At Contra Studios, we have a fully-equipped Chelsea photo studio in New York […]
One of the most significant allure of photography is that it mixes science and art to bring out the image’s artistic side. Most professionals can attest that it takes time and experience to master the many different aspects of a […]
Have you ever sat in a room with a live music band but you are too far away from the stage? How can you still hear the dense sound when you can barely see the entire band? The basic principle […]
The great outdoors is a great place to start snapping beautiful pictures. Many photographers are still hesitant to do regular outdoor shoots because it is not a controlled environment. The environment presents many disruptive variables like rain, temperature, and lighting […]
Video and photoshoots are at an entirely new level with numerous various innovations. A prominent feature in the most modern and stylish studios are the cyc walls. Many professional photographers utilize white cyc walls to enhance focus on the subject because […]
We know the feeling of wanting to work with something more significant than the basement studio. It is time to make your business a full-time endeavor when you get too many projects needing a larger space and better equipment. Make […]