Have you ever sat in a room with a live music band but you are too far away from the stage? How can you still hear the dense sound when you can barely see the entire band? The basic principle of this sound propagation is what makes up the soundstage.

Sound stages in Chelsea are a three-dimensional space that reproduces the original sound from one point to multiples via a stereo speaker system. The soundstage allows listeners to hear far-off instruments as though they just left the musical instrument. Quality and Unique sound stages for rent should discern the different notes leaving the device to propagate the sound with pinpoint accuracy.

Why choose our Chelsea soundstage?

Speaker design

Speakers play heavily into the quality of the sound stage rental. The design of a speaker depends on the following attributes:

  • The material and size of the driver
  • Crossover details
  • Power amp details
  • Transformers

Each speaker design in the market touts its ability to produce a specific sound grade. Speakers will make different sounds and have different chemistry in the same environment. Our speakers have a noticeable impact because we can control the following dimensions:

  • The distance between each speaker, the nearby wall, and the listener
  • The height of the speaker to the listener’s ear
  • The horizontal and vertical angle of the speaker

We have in-depth knowledge of how each speaker interacts with the environment to improve the overall listening experience. Luckily, the process of discovering a sweet spot is fun and simple for our sound technologists.

Listening area setting

The most significant component of the Chelsea soundstage is the listening area. Our aim in calibrating the soundstage is to allow you the comfort of receiving the sweet spot of the soundstage from a distance. Our team addresses the room’s current setup to make sure the soundstage rental in NYC is specific to the spaces and blocks that may affect the sound.

The Chelsea sound stage team tests the area’s arrangement by moving speakers and objects to different placement locations and may point the speaker to a primary listening location to understand how they influence the results. The Chelsea soundstage’s advanced engineering brings an expansive and high-quality sound to the home because we build a uniquely ideal setup for your shooting project.


The best way to describe a well-rounded soundstage is to sound as though the sound is emanating from every pore of the building, rather than one focal point. Many variables make up the overview of a perfect soundstage. The bottom line is you cannot control these thousand factors to fine-tune the concept of a soundstage without skill, experience, and knowledge of each device.

We can however guarantee that you will be blown away working with a studio that knows just how to ensure a sound addiction at Contra Studios. Our team helps bring any musical idealism into reality and would love to talk to you about your particular project needs. Contact 646.926.7819 for more information on the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC.