The great outdoors is a great place to start snapping beautiful pictures. Many photographers are still hesitant to do regular outdoor shoots because it is not a controlled environment. The environment presents many disruptive variables like rain, temperature, and lighting whereas the Chelsea photo studio attracts professionals who enjoy controlling every aspect of the perfect photoshoot theme.

Things to look for in a photo studio

Structured prices

Most of us already understand that the expensive photographer is likely to produce a quality that could easily make it to the magazine cover forget that the price structure is just as important as the price.

You will find a variety of equipment when you walk into the studio. Each package may have different combinations of lights, backdrops, and props, which determine your shoot creations’ possibilities with a New York green screen. Check everything included in the package to choose a plan that suits your photography ideologies to prevent avoidable additions when you suddenly need more equipment. The essential offerings of a photo studio plan should include the following:

  • Backdrops – The background makes a huge difference in discerning mediocrity from awe-inspiring images.
  • Lighting – We have a full setup of lights to enable professional-grade shoots
  • Tripod – We have different combinations of stands, with varied sizes, weights, and materials for specific shoot advantages


Photo studios can have an experience that significantly impacts the quality of your production. An experienced studio will quickly provide the right tool combinations because they learned to accommodate multiple requests from previous clients. They will also have sound trade advice to help you get the best shots for specific lighting settings.


The smallest studio available is likely to be the most affordable but will have critical limitations. Take into account the space you need for your creative options and the amount of equipment you may bring along. An example is that a headshot or portrait photoshoot will not take up a lot of space, hence you can get away with a small studio with cyc wall and equipment. Our Chelsea cyc studio is big enough for you to take full-length shots with the longest lens available.


The studio’s accessibility is a contributing factor to the job’s ease. Be sure to choose one in the heart of an easily accessible location instead of a maze of unnamed streets or the city’s outermost skirt. Your entire team will have an easy quest navigating to Contra Studios because of our central locations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn with decent exposure to public transportation.

Creativity flows better when you have full control of the environment. It is a mandatory preset that both newbie and professional photographers look at all available options for a hassle-free photo shoot. Contra Studios has a long history of operating different photoshoot projects and is keen on updating its equipment and studios to match the newest technologies of a fully-equiped Chelsea photo studio in New York. Are you ready to begin your shoot in a fully stacked Chelsea photo studio? Contact Contra Studios for the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC at 646.926.7819.