Video and photoshoots are at an entirely new level with numerous various innovations. A prominent feature in the most modern and stylish studios are the cyc walls. Many professional photographers utilize white cyc walls to enhance focus on the subject because they have a curved background to give an infinite set. It is essential to choose a studio with smooth architecture for the best photo or video production. We have put together a couple of factors that make us the optimal Chelsea Cycwall studio.

Overview of our studio

Cyc studio

Who needs a Cyc studio?

Many online retail shops like a white background because it gives their shots a plethora of possibilities. However, you cannot always the same effect with your local photographer, using a smaller setup of Cyc walls. It is in your best interest to work with a revered Cyclorama dealer who will give you a good investment return with a fully-equipped Chelsea photo studio in New York. We also host personal or private shots because the setting is flexible for large and small projects. Contra Studios is a standard option because it provides the following consistent benefits:

Natural effect

The white cyc adds a natural brightness to the wall. Adding lights from many different angles on the set will allow you to make a bold statement with minimal distractions.


The white cyc lowers your expenses in creating a flexible space with minimal resources and editing and sets the stage for an instant aesthetic image with a sharp focal point. Photographers prefer the natural white contrast to other color schemes because they can augment it quickly for a more efficient exposure. Additionally, the object is more easily extractable than when you use a green screen background.

Live to stream

A live stream studio session helps your brand with powerful content for rapid conversions or traffic. The first thing to consider for live streaming is the space’s tech and hipness. Using the same studio and settings gives your brand a consistent continuity. Why use our live streaming resources and New York green screen?


Do you want a professional live stream setting with experienced staff to fine-tune the production? Our Chelsea cyc wall studio uses a combination of light sources and staff to give the best immediate results. Our job is to ensure the live session maintains the right color temperatures and contrast because live streams are not as flexible as other post-production shoots.


The choice of camera you use depends on the live streaming plan. Generally, we have two available packages; the primary option has a fundamental kit of a studio with a cyc wall and equipment, while the three-camera live stream supports a more significant project. Both offers have a professional camera flypack for the highest live stream quality.

Covid regulations

The studio live room capacity is significantly smaller than before to cater to the current FDA guidelines against Covid. Our studio construction limits unnecessary interactions while allowing collaboration with many different professionals via glass walls.

Look at our online display of studio rooms to get an idea of our services and working space. You can reach the office at 646.926.7819 for the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC.