One of the most significant allure of photography is that it mixes science and art to bring out the image’s artistic side. Most professionals can attest that it takes time and experience to master the many different aspects of a perfect shot. Similarly, a newbie photographer needs optimum support to understand the right techniques for creating the highest quality photographs.

Why is our Manhattan photo studio better?

Optimized working space

It is challenging to balance the natural light with the studio’s set up and room size. We have an intentional studio design that maximizes space and lighting to produce the best possible qualities while using top-tier equipment. The presets of setting a perfect stage include:

  • Preparing and setting the right equipment such as a New York green screen, special tools, and lighting
  • Cleaning, assembling, and packaging products that should be on set

Trained studio assistants

Photographers could always use an assist from trained assistants. It is best to work with the best-skilled assistant who can make your productions better because they understand the shots’ undertones. Our helpers have versatile capabilities and benefit the project with the following traits:

  • Knowledge of working with similar projects such as TV commercial models or a social media ad
  • An organizational intuition at a glance, with the ability to sort products by category or neatly repack the tools after each session
  • Fast working speeds to handle multiple tasks throughout the day
  • Excellent communication to clarify product specifications, photo studio sessions, and workflow

We understand that the best of photography professionals can mess up under the fatigue of the job or confusion of working in a new fully-equiped Chelsea photo studio in New York. Our photo studio assistants aim to help you take sharp and clear photos by allowing you to adjust the cameras during the shot to get the best possible quality.

Improve the workflow

Anyone with experience in a photo studio knows that manual tasks are extremely tough and time-consuming. We work with digitized systems to record tasks like recording image views and product numbers.

Our cyc studio staff also optimize the workflow by helping you move the camera and lighting for different kinds of shots, such as front views or a close-up view. In response, you will not have to adjust the settings and change the camera every single time because the entire process will be automatic and fast.

Excellent software

Photography depends on several software edits to refine and complete the production. The product photography software automates the workflow by determining the image views, associating images to products, and recording all the photos from the shoot. We can assist with other software applications like uploading images to an online platform for your retrieval in the post-production stage.

Consider your style

Our Manhattan photo studio gives thought to your style because we understand that our studio and professional assistants should serve your needs. An example is that we will not insist on working with a naturally sunny space when you want to create a rather dull effect. Are you ready to start your photo session in our studio with a cyc wall and equipment? Contact 646.926.7819 for the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC.