You can use Cyclorama studios for different purposes. The studio is versatile and flexible due to lighting that can be evenly dispersed and reflected from all angles. At Contra Studios, we have a fully-equipped Chelsea photo studio in New York that offers white cyclorama walls. Contra Studios has pioneered large and perfect-radius cyclorama corners from the small photography studio to major film studios; we can create a large open hub that is extremely easy to light. 

But what does Cyclorama actually means? 

Understanding Cyclorama

A Cyclorama, commonly referred to as CYC, is a wall or curved curtain used as a stage background. It’s dated back to the 19th century where they were used in German theaters. You can create a Cyclorama from different materials, including unbleached canvas, scrim, drywall, and paint. They are hung at 0% flatness. Extra-wide material is spread on the sides and weighted to achieve a seamless look. 

When To Use A Cyclorama

Below, we’re going to show you when to use a cyclorama studio.

Photography: Photographers use cyclorama walls or floors when the focus needs to be on the product or subject. You can use Cyclorama for e-commerce photo shoots, fashion, and catalogs. Since the Cyclorama provides a clean background, it allows photographers to control the light to achieve an infinity effect.

Theater: Lighting designers use cycloramas to create the illusion of sky, distance, and open space. Set designers use cyc to help achieve the desired effect. Cycloramas can be front-lit or backlit and can be used with other materials to achieve the illusion you want.

Movie Production: Cyclorama is also used in video production to allow the primary focus to be on the subject. Apple usually uses this technique in their commercials advertisements. This technique is also widely used in television advertisements, e-commerce, car commercials, and more. A cyclorama enables the movie producer to create the illusion of infinite space, which is helpful when showcasing a product.  

Why Choose Us For NYC Cyclorama Studio

Contra Studios is a production video and photo studio located in Chelsea, NYC. Our studios are ready for your shoot. Our Cyclorama Studio is an excellent place for photographers and videographers to bring their vision to life. Whether you need a white studio or green screen in NYC, we have several options to choose from that will save you money.  

Partnering With Contra Studios

There are plenty of things that go into production. We are equipped to take on your project from start to finish, from pre-production considerations like scripting, graphic design, and creating shot lists to post-production needs like editing, motion graphics, color grading, and sound design. We can also work as an extension of your crew to deliver the best result. 

Are you interested in a white or green screen in NYC? Check out our options! Need another color-painted screen in NYC? No problem! Contact us today at 646.926.7819 if you are looking for the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC.