Green Screen Studio NYC Rentals Available!

Green studio shoots are extremely easy when you understand the basics. You do not need a lot to get started if you know the dynamics of a New York green screen studio.

Why green? Technically, you can use any color. However, green is the most distinct against any other item in the foreground. It is the farthest color from human skin because people do not have a green undertone. Using green makes the keying process seamless because it is the easiest to absorb. These facts explain why many Hollywood bloopers have a green screen studio.

A guideline of shooting in a green studio for beginners

Many photographers begin by painting a wall of their studio green and spend weeks or months trying to perfect the lighting and other nuances. They may struggle with wrinkles of color that are impossible to edit after the shoot. The key to great shoots every time is to use an NYC green screen studio with an excellent setup.


The single most crucial factor of photography is the lighting setup in a equipped Chelsea photo studio in New York. It would help if you had uniform lighting with a high-quality system to give balanced hues across the entire green background. It is best to light the stage first with uniform lights before illuminating the subject. The aim of using different lights, angles, and reflections is to remove shadows and prevent hot spots. Contra Studion offers the following fundamentals for you to perfect the lighting:

  • Umbrellas
  • Reflectors
  • Heads
  • Softbox
  • Head extension

A reasonable basis for using our lighting system at the cyc studio is making the gradient and textures as soft as possible. Most photographers prefer a six-foot separation between the subject and background to remove scuffs that will be impossible to edit post-production.

Prepare the subject

Avoid green on your subjects because the area will appear transparent with the Chroma software. Reflective materials will reflect the color green and also render a transparent effect. However, small jewelry pieces are typically usable if they have a slightly different hue. Use a good makeup artist to highlight the subject’s face against the green background.

Keep the camera still.

The camera should be utterly static for better refinement. Lock the camera down on a stand or use motion control software for sophisticated 3-D images and do not use the Zoom feature until the subject shrinks or grows to the right perspective against the background.

Use the right software.

The choice of software depends on your budget and editing system. A green studio newbie photographer should get user-friendly software for simple shoots. You will soon learn how to pull off sophisticated effects with more intricate versions and studio with cyc wall and equipment as you get ahead with your photography tenure.

Shooting in a green screen saves you time and resources for finding the best natural backdrop. The above tips are all you need to master to get started with an NYC green screen studio. Practice will help you open an entirely different world with unlimited creativity. Contact Contra Studios for the best film, photography, fashion, video production, castings, and events studios in NYC at 646.926.7819.