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Whether you’re a professional photographer or learning photography as a hobby, renting a studio to practice your best shots is a great way to build an aesthetic portfolio.

Studio photography is one of the most incredible things you can learn as a photographer – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The good news is that there are countless opportunities to rent a photo studio in NYC.

To let out the creativity in you, here are a few reasons why you should consider renting one of our NYC photo studio. We have two beautiful locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn and a beautiful Soundstage as well!

2.  At our NYC Photo Studio You Have a Completely Controlled Environment

A significant benefit of shooting in a rental studio is the ability to control the process of photography. Outdoors you will have to worry about the positioning of sunlight and other unpredictable weather conditions like too many clouds or a sudden storm. A studio photography opportunity can provide the same conditions throughout, allowing for consistent pictures.

Additionally, it can also get difficult for photography models to sit in the same pose for hours, especially in hot weather conditions. On the other hand, most photo studios in NYC are air-conditioned and provide adequate ventilation for models to comfortably sit and pose for pictures. Additionally, our NYC photo studio also has resting spaces, chairs, and sofas scattered across to offer a comfortable place for models and photographers alike to take a breather. Give our NYC Photo Studio a call today for pricing and availability at 332-206-5009.

Love Contra. I shot a lookbook here yesterday. Gear was included, which is a huge plus. Versatile space- we used one of the large 3000 sq ft studios but they also have a few different cycwall options which I’m interested in. Polite, professional team. This is my new go-to
Ashley Jones
By far the best studio in new york. amazing staff. great gear and 3 cycwalls.!
Sivan Miller
Excellent space for casting and shooting! Skilled and accommodating staff willing to assist and resolve any needs or situation that can arise. Very connected with access to talent, the latest equipment and top notch post production. All around a cool space with a great vibe and energy!
Carlos Paz
Go with Contra and you won’t be disappointed. By far the best space and people to work with in the area. Highly recommend.
Robert Rippberger
Contra Studios is a great space for events and production. The cyc wall is great for green screen and traditional uses. Helpful staff that can get you equiptment needed for your projects. All around good experiance
Moises De Pena

3. Experienced Help

Renting a studio space is an opportunity to practice new techniques and tactics. Chances are that you’ll be able to witness other camera artists at their craft; this is where you can how others play with lighting, equipment, and camera angling to get some stellar results. There are so many talented and creative Photographers that rent our NYC Photo Studio for almost all of their photo shoots.

This can also give you a chance to engage in conversation with others in your niche and pick up tricks on lighting techniques, camera movement, and even the photography trade.

4. Greater Comfort

Studio photography can offer incredible comforts like a fully stocked kitchen where you can freshen up with coffee and some snacks. Moreover, you can also control the temperature and offer your models their own room to relax and unwind until it’s their turn to shoot. That’s how you ensure that they’ll love working with you!

Outdoor photographers usually have to prepare to deal with flies, mosquitos, and other creepy crawlies, depending on where they are. That is no problem in studio spaces; in fact, you have the added benefit of arranging different props in different angles to suit your photography object.

nyc photo studio mid

5. The Logistics of our NYC Photo Studio

Professional photography requires a range of different cameras, camera lenses, tripod stands, and other equipment. Carrying all of this to an outdoor location can be a hassle and can also put your equipment in danger.

However, you won’t have to bring anything but your trusted camera and lens to the studio. Everything else from lighting to rigs and more is already present there. Make sure you are aware of the equipment costs separately before you rent an NYC photo studio.

What are you waiting for? 🙂

You might be intimidated by the number of facilities available with a studio space.

But, don’t worry!

Contra Studio has the friendliest staff and 10-year experience of hosting facilities for creatives such as yourself. Count on us to put you, your team, and models at ease and set up all the props you need to ensure that your photography session is successful. The studio is also perfect for live streaming.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Our NYC Photo Studio has some availability. Give us a call today!

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